AirO’ Built-in

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Built-in air purifier AirO ‘- Built-in

With double plasma generator – 4 fan motors
No maintenance required.
Specific for offices, classrooms, waiting rooms and large spaces in general.
Compact, quiet, low consumption (10 W)
To be embedded in the ceiling (like a ceiling light)
Connectable with a wall switch (not supplied)
Size 59.5×59.5×7 cm.



Built-in air purifier AirO'

Built-in air purifier AirO', against viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, molds and odors in general. It works through a plasma generator that injects large quantities of negative ions beneficial to the health of the person but relentless against pathogens suspended in the air, they have the purpose of sanitizing the air both in the workplaces, in the residential ones and in elevators.

AirO 'Built-in

Are they safe?

Absolutely yes because unlike other appliances they do not generate ozone which in turn is a powerful virucide and bactericide but is toxic for humans above certain concentrations. People can stay in the environment during operation without problems, indeed they perceive and breathe better quality air.

How to connect them

Just connect them to the electrical socket without pipes or installations and in a few minutes you begin to perceive a sensation of air charged with energy. After some time, the positive effect is obtained with respect to various types of odors, even very unpleasant ones, which are neutralized. If they are left to work for a sufficient time, the effect obtained is a deep sanitation of the environment with the elimination of up to 99.5% of viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and molds.