How does air purifier work?

How air purifier work?? Destroys volatile organic compounds, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, odors in general.

Cold plasma air purifier: The air first passes through a pre-filter, only to block the dust particles, then it comes into contact with the generated plasma flow, which through a chemical-physical reaction breaks down various types of polluting molecules including different volatile organic compounds.

At the outlet, the air passes through an additional odor filter.

Even very unpleasant odors including some compounds such as ammonia are completely neutralized in a short time.

Also when AirO' it is activated charges the air with negative ions in large quantities, these particles are particularly beneficial for health and create a feeling of clean air full of energy.

Who suffers from allergies o asthma, children or the elderly but also all people who feel inactive due to the low quality of the air they breathe, can obtain a great benefit from the continued use of AirO 'in the environment where it is installed.

Advanced air purifier

Plasma air purifiers, it is the most technologically advanced version of an ionizer because it uses a sealed core made of precious materials capable of emitting a large amount of negative ions and some peroxides.

Non-toxic to humans

Air purifier that does not generate ozone, the air sanitizer is a powerful non-toxic bactericide for humans and people can stay in the environment during operation without problems, indeed they perceive and breathe better quality air.

Purificatore d'aria come funziona