What is an air purifier used for?

What's air purifier for: it serves to purify the air in closed spaces thanks to cold plasma technology: any environment, where you live or work, can have poor quality air caused by the presence of viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, molds , bad smells and pollutants. There is a sense of unease, of stale air. In any season, due to temperature, noise or even allergies, you can find yourself closed to breathe the same air for many consecutive hours: AirO 'helps to have clean and healthy air indoors, even for prolonged periods.

What's air purifier for - Airò eliminates viruses and bacteria: each AirO product uses cold plasma technology that does not produce ozone, has no filters to replace, is safe and silent; once turned on, the oxidizing particles produced by the sanitizer find and break down viruses and pollutants in total safety. The low consumption and clean design make them perfect products for any environment, from the living room to the waiting room, from the office to the classroom. The elegance of a made in Italy product, all the effectiveness of AirO '.

Neutralize all viruses
Plasma air purifiers, it has a high capacity to neutralize viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, molds and odors in air suspension. It does not require maintenance and has a long operating time with a minimum reduction in efficiency.