How to use an air purifier

How to use an air purifier: the self-supporting models, Airo 'Desk and AirO' Plus, are compact, light and practical products to purify the air in rooms up to 80 m2, without any type of installation required. Once the product has been extracted from the package, simply connect it to an electrical outlet by touching the on and off button: the LED indicates the full operation of the purifier, without perceiving any noise or hum. Practical, comfortable, simple and elegant. No need to schedule any maintenance.

The wall and ceiling versions, such as AirO 'Ceiling, AirO' Mini and AirO 'Free, simply need to be hung on the wall, like a clock or a picture. They do not require any connection of pipes or holes for the outside. They can then be activated simply with a wall switch, like light. They are compact, elegant and low consumption (Max 12 w in the Free model) work silently and can be kept on all day or night without problems.

How to use an air purifier: these are products designed for simple and immediate use, without unnecessary instructions or complications; is the simplicity of use characteristic of the Cold Plasma technology, whose effectiveness is guaranteed by the tests carried out by the University of Turin. Without filters, without noise, without maintenance.

Entering a purified environment with AirO ', one immediately perceives that the air quality is better: clean, not spoiled, free of odors, easily breathable. All with a discreet, silent, elegant product.
Made in Italy quality.