Where to install an air purifier?

Where install air purifier?

- kitchen
- bathroom, even blind - bedroom
- living room
- cellar / box
- office
- shop
- bar / restaurant
- hotel rooms
- laboratory
- medical office
- waiting room
- classrooms
- locker room
- gym

AirO is suitable for all closed spaces where the air is of poor quality. Generally in poorly ventilated rooms or where air conditioning is used. Each device purifies the air for over 30/40 cubic meters of volume, that is, in rooms up to 4 x 4 meters per side. In larger rooms, several appliances can be placed at a distance of a few meters from each other.

Neutralize all viruses

Plasma air purifiers, it has a high capacity to neutralize viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, molds and odors in air suspension. It does not require maintenance and has a long operating time with a minimum reduction in efficiency.

Advanced air purifier

Plasma air purifiers, it is the most technologically advanced version of an ionizer because it uses a sealed core made of precious materials capable of emitting a large amount of negative ions and some peroxides.

The infectious risk associated with dental practice

A serious and real problem, especially if we consider the wide spread of these services in the population. This is the reason and the choice to search for suitable equipment to reduce microbiological contamination suspended in the air for the prevention of biological risk of patients and operators.